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Summer is often considered the best time to sell your home. Why? Firstly, there are more people out and about at home opens as the weather brightens up and people have more spare time as we go into the holiday season. Secondly, houses always seem to present better on a summer day, which tends to positively influence the total volume of interest and calibre of offers.

Here are some tips to create a cool, welcoming space for prospective buyers – even in the height of summer!

Throw the doors open

Welcoming in the Perth sea breeze is a great way to create a cool space. Throw open the doors and windows to generate an inviting flow of air. Or, if it’s a real scorcher, be sure to dial up the air conditioning so that your prospective buyer feels comfortable whilst looking around your home ñ a tidy trick to also increase the time they spend looking around!

Change up your Decor

Although wintery colours such reds, dark blues and blacks create cosiness in winter, it is well worth switching in some neutrally-toned cushions, rugs and decorative objects for your home opens to create the atmosphere of a light, airy and cool space.

Create an experience

Remember, you are not only selling your home but also the positive experiences a buyer will have in your home once they move in. For this reason, it’s often nice to include summery touches such as a table set outside to demonstrate the fabulous entertaining spaces to your potential buyers.

Here at RE/MAX Central, we always aim to create a memorable experience in your home by offering chilled bottled water to all our home open visitors. We find that this offers a sense of comfort and refreshment to all guests and allows them to become more relaxed in your home.

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